Welcome to SAIF

The Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Facility (SAIF), formerly known as RSIC, is established by Department of Science and Technology (DST). The purpose of establishing this center is to provide data collection facility from sophisticated analytical equipments to scientific communities for their advanced research by paying nominal charges. The SAIF centre at IIEST Shibpur has started on 2016. To start with, three major instruments namely, Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer, NMR, and High Resolution Mass Spectrometer have been approved by DST for the SAIF centre at IIEST Shibpur. The Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer has already been installed at IIESTS and operational.

  • data collection facility

    To provide data collection facility to the samples received from different Institutes/Universities/National Labs/Colleges/Industries other than IIESTS.

  • develop capability

    To acquire and develop capability for preventive maintenance and repair of sophisticated instruments

  • short term courses

    To organize short term courses/workshops on the use and application of various instruments and analytical techniques

  • Trainning

    To train technicians for maintenance and operation of sophisticated instruments to undertake design and development of instruments/accessories of existing instruments.



Meet our team

To facilitate the smooth functioning of SAIF, whose activities are going to increase manifold in near future, a Local Advisory Committee is constituted for the SAIF. The committee shall advice the Head (Coordinator), SAIF for smooth functioning of the Facilities and monitoring its daily activities. The committee members are,

  • Professor,Department of Chemistry

    Prof. Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay

  • Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry

    Prof. Binay Krishna Ghorai

  • Professor, Department of Chemistry

    Prof. Sudip Kumar Chattopadhyay

  • Professor& Head, Department of Physics

    Dr. Samar Jana

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

    Dr. Papu Biswas

    Member and In-charge of Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

    Dr. Nanda D. Paul

    Member and In-charge of Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer

Users of the Facilities

The facilities provided by the SAIFs may be utilized by any user/organization on payment of nominal charges. The details about the procedure for using the facilities and the charges for sample analysis, information about short term courses/training programmes/workshops etc. can be obtained from the Coordinators of the SAIF or the website (www.iiests.ac.in)

  • nominal charges

  • short term workshops

  • preventive maintenance

  • Analystic

All communications should be addressed to:

The Coordinator

Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF)

Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur

Botanic Garden

Howrah 711103

Email: coordinator@saif.iiests.ac.in

Instrument wise contact details: